Sexualization of our Children

By now most of us know something about the latest known atrocity of sex in the classrooms of our public schools. Granted this occurred in Oakland, California, which makes it easy to think, it’s an aberration, don’t be too quick to think so.

While the latest allegations being investigated in Oakland are so terribly egregious because they involved not just two 2nd graders, but that their entire classroom witnessed the oral sex as the teacher looked on, there was also a reported incident of all the children getting naked in the classroom.

We have just as shocking incidents
in Indiana and in Louisiana, and there are more.

Combine this with the soft porn masquerading as adolescent television via shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Skins, and you see our society through entertainment, and all too frequently through the zoo of the public school system, sexualizing of our most precious treasure, our children.

A parent viewer commented at this site the following thoughts on Pretty Little Liars:

No redeeming messages to this one, just glamorizing bad morals. Hate it – glamorizes all the wrong things: Teacher and student lover affair, lesbianism, popularity, materialism, etc., etc.

What does it mean to sexualize our children?
I’m so glad you asked. The American Psychological Association put together a Task Force and studied the impact on our young women (and don’t think this is not impacting boys, by the way). They describe SEXUALIZATION as “when a person’s value comes only from his/her sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is sexually objectified e.g. made into a thing for another’s sexual use.” They found, in 2007, what we all KNOW to be true, that a multitude of negative impacts are the result of the flood of media images, through ads on TV, on-line, in magazines, through television and movies, and even video games and music videos. And that parents have a tremendous influence, either to the good or the bad.

Don’t let it overwhelm you
, because you have the power and responsibility to protect your children. Educate (you, yes you, not the public school system – YOU), inform, discuss, keep the communication lines open. Help them to each day as much, as you are able, know they are loved, that they live in a world they can set healthy boundaries in, and they are wise to be wise, wise to work, to learn, to better themselves, to protect themselves and look out for others. Help them to understand the education system, the media and the entertainment industries are tools for their use, but they are not to be trusted and should be utilized with eyes wide open, hearts and minds on guard, and they are this way because our culture has become secularized and amoral. Maybe they will be the generation that turns our Nation back to biblical principles. At all times, be in the world, but not of it! 🙂