We Better Take the Initiative on the Tax Issue - Before It Takes US!

I woke this morning and did all the things one does to perpare to face the day, for me that includes stretches, shower, make-up & prayer! Otherwise by the time I turn on Fox News and check out the news sources on-line, I maybe too fired-up and ticked off to think straight. This keeps me somewhat sunny and hopeful. The alternative is not pretty! I’ve tried it!

What do I see but two freshly alarming things. Not new necessarily, but much more present and looming than I had hoped for at this state of the game. I’m only going to cover the tax issue, today. I’ll save that other treasure for another post! It deserves it’s own unique treatment!

We know that the federal budget is sunk times 1,000, and that means we are too. China practically owns us, much as it pains me to say it. Unless we grab hold of this runway freight train, we are looking at a world of hurt as My Dad calls it. Washington is turning its ravenous eyes towards a VAT – Value Added Tax – (what a false name – a tax doesn’t add VALUE. It adds EXPENSE – but why start calling things what they are now, huh?) . The obvious problem with this, is they intend this IN ADDITION to all the other climbing tax we already have: income, payroll, corporate, estate, sneezing, burping, passing in traffic and everything else.

I say, there is NO BETTER time to educate ourselves on The Fair Tax, and then doing everything we can to inform those around us and our representatives.

Washington is right that we need to do something about the debt. They are just wrong, not surprisingly, as to how to solve the problem. I knew next to nothing before 15 April 2009 about The Fair Tax. Thanks to the coverage on the Atlanta Tea Party by Fox News, curiosity caused me to check it out for myself. I think it’s a winning proposition. And Washington has led us to a time ripe for the implementation. We need something healthy and good for our economy, for our businesses and most importantly for our families.

Here a link to The Fair Tax site.

Be good, be strong & be ready!