Goodbye Angry Right... So Long Redstate.

I know this will please the Perry Zombies with whom I’ve traded barbs recently, but even so, here goes.  I’ll just consider it my parting gift to them.

This weekend I’ll be asking the administrators to kill my account here on Redstate, because I don’t enjoy the tone here any longer.  It’s simply no longer possible to express one’s opinion without getting flamed and watching the comment tree grow with uncalled-for caustic comments.

It’s ironic that Redstate has gone this way, when its original motives can be seen in the phraseposted under each “Add Comment” window: “Be respectful, or be banned.”

This admonition to be “respectful” on Redstate doesn’t seem to carry any weight with the snarky “righters” anymore.   Case in point: my own most recent diary, in which I merely posited a few earnest questions about Rick Perry and would have welcomed discussion that might have changed my mind.  Instead of discussion, I got dissed right away from three Redstaters (in all fairness, I lowered myself to their level and threw some verbal punches as well – I just couldn’t take it any longer.)

The Top Snark awards go to:

mbecker908: for “[if what you’ve said was right] you’d have a point to go with the one under your hair” and “your conclusions are a combination of wrong and stupid.”

andy_in_texas: for “[your posting is] slapdash drivel=nobody takes you seriously,” and “[what you’ve said is] abject bull spatter;” “… your village is waiting for you.”

a_cat: for “[you’re very late to the party] and worse, you’re not original” and “if you’d just bothered to read Red State regularly, then you would have noticed that all of the crap you just threw has been sliding off the walls around here for months.”

And maybe even Bill_S (one of the administrators?) who finally flexed his control muscle — not at the snarkers, but at me — by offering to boot me off the site with this: “Well, I could show you the door if you’re not happy here.”


When I discovered Redstate, it was exciting because I thought this was going to be a forum where conservatives could have honest, respectful discussions.   Lately – except for Erik and a few moderators – I find that some people have made it more like a Daily Kos of the right.

Too bad.  “Be respectful, or be banned” was a nice goal, Erik… I hope someday you can get control back over what goes on here, and prove that conservatives are not self-immolating.

Sayonara.  Redstate’s out of my bookmarks bar.