WARNING: The FDA's new cigarette warning labels can kill you.

Everybody knows cigarette smoking is bad for you. You would have to been living and stubbing out your butts in a cave for 50 years not to know the hazards of lighting up.

And that’s the point. EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS IT.

So before anyone joins the well-intentioned “health police” and agrees with the FDA’s requiring new, disgustingly graphic “warning messages” on cigarette packaging – think twice about the fact that EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS.

So what, then, is the purpose of the new mandated messages? It can’t be to educate. No education is needed – the smaller warning labels and societal pressure not to smoke have accomplished that.

No, the purpose now is different. This time it’s personal.

FDA Labels

The FDA and gover-nannies have crossed the line and are now clearly and openly seeking to destroy an industry at the cash register. This will, of course, kill the livelihoods of tobacco farmers, and people throughout the U.S. involved in manufacturing, marketing, transport and sales. Who knows – the demise of this industry may have something to do with killing YOUR job, eventually.

But instead of having the gonads to have a straight up-or-down vote to ban what opponents of tobacco say is a dire public health hazard, they’re mounting the most intrusive “death campaign” against a legal product ever – and forcing the product’s producers to brandish the weapon.

I do not smoke, have never smoked, know the dangers of smoking and have more than one older family member paying the price for a lifetime of smoking. OK, the case could be made that their generation was deceived – they were actually told in advertising by “doctors” that smoking was GOOD for you.

But in this day, when the dangers of smoking are no secret, to be forced to deface your own marketing and packaging with a goal of making consumers stop using your product is just too much. Why not just force the companies to go bankrupt tomorrow? Seize their assets! Shut them down!

When will the Enviro-Police put a recorded anti-carbon-fuel message in our cars that plays each time we start the engine? Or, a photo of unsanitary feedlot conditions on each T-bone we buy? Or…. (INSERT YOUR OWN “WARNING” SCENARIO HERE.)

This latest government example of “doing wrong for the public good” is too much, too far – but the faceless facilitators of federal feudalism know they’ll get away with it because, after all, who isn’t against smoking and FOR the health of the children.

We’d better be careful, or we’ll soon find ourselves at a point when government is trying to dictate to us all what type of health care is best for us, and that we MUST buy it in order to live in America as “free people.” (Oh, wait…)

If only the tobacco companies would hitch up their pants, stand their ground in a court of law, and say
“This is too much… this line you will not cross!”