Weiner's Weasly Words: An "Apology" From A Pathological Liar and Sex Addict

Anthony Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner “came clean” today in a press conference hastily organized because his conscience was hurting… that and six other “Weinergals” were about to come out of the woodwork with other photos the Congressman had sent. Here’s one of them:

Weiner Torso

Suddenly Weiner got religion. But not quite…

If you listen to his “apology” and explanation, you’ll note he said that he sent the photo to the young woman in Seattle “as part of a joke”… and then went on to say “she had no part in the whole thing.”

Weiner Shorts

So, Congress Weiner, you’re saying your “joke” was spamming an innocent young woman with a unsolicited photo of your member of Congress? Wow – that’s WORSE! But the saddest part is that you’re still lying, even as you apologize and “takes full responsibility” (what does that mean to you, anyway?)

It was not a part of any “joke.” Stop trying to lighten the offense – it’s just wrong. You sent a picture of your privates to a young woman to excite yourself (and, you hoped, HER.) And you’ve obviously done it to other women, because they’re now ready to speak out.

So here was a leading Congressman engaging in compulsive, self-destructive sexually related behavior, and he couldn’t stop himself. Not only that, he lied about it and continued to lies – even to himself – about the true nature of what he’s done, without so much as a hesitation.

If you watch the ABC-TV interview from last week, linked to on HotAir.com, it is truly alarming to watch this man not only LIE to the reporter without blinking, but actually LECTURE the reporter about engaging in “bad journalism.” Unbelievable – the man truly is a pathological liar, meaning he can convince himself that he’s not done anything wrong. He has the ability to completely disconnect from truthfulness and reality. For that reason, his “apology” is as worthless as his previously denial of wrong-doing. Neither comes from an honest place in the man. They’re expedient – that’s all.

Yes, we all *think* Congress is filled with people like this… but when it’s actually PROVEN, does the guilty party get a pass because “none of us should judge?” He should not get a break. He is one of 435 very special leaders who we elect to represent our country.

The very fact that Weiner refuses to resign proves that he really, really should. He’s unplugged himself from the norms of decent behavior, and doesn’t realize it.

That, by any definition, is an addict.