The Incredible Reverse Racism of the Racial Police

Ok, I need to be careful here, because the last time I addressed a racial issue here trying to uphold the idea of equality, I was misunderstood and booted off for being… a racist.

But I hope no one will misunderstand my motives when I say the only racists involved in the hubbub over a Pepsi Super Bowl Ad are those crying “racist!”

In the commercial, a black woman disapproves of husband’s actions throughout the commercial, culminating in her throwing a can of Pepsi at the man when she catches him ogling an attractive white female jogger.

Tonight my jaw dropped as I watch Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee feign outrage over the “stereotyping of the aggressive black female beating up her husband…” Then other black social observers spoke up and the more liberal (LIBERAL???) of the two made the point that it reinforces racial stereotypes to show a black man ogling a white woman with a black woman getting very angry over it.

So, in our society where many liberals and conservatives alike are trying to ignore old color lines; and Hollywood is increasingly featuring interracial relationships in its TV shows and movies, showcasing them as “normal,”… when a commercial-maker does the same thing – they are pilloried for being “racist?”

Hey black “haters” and race-mongers … you can’t have it both ways. Either the color lines are going away, or we’re all going to keep them clear and defined. Either blacks and whites can interact without regard to race, or we need to make sure whites always stay with whites, and blacks always stay with blacks. Black-white relationships will be verboten, as they have been up until now.

One has to wonder: why is it that Americans have become far more comfortable with relationships between whites and all other races? (White-Hispanic, Asian-White, Indian-White… you name it.) Why has the relationship between those races moved so much further, faster?

I submit it is because other races do not have a permanent industry of “haters” and “baiters” set up to howl at every perceived slight, and even manufacturer them when needed. Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton is black America’s great racial leader? Sheila Jackson Lee is a spokesperson for equality, when she is the worst kind of black leader – a black carpetbagger?

Those of us who have come of age post-1964 don’t immediately think of people in terms of “black” and “white.” The 50 years since have given us court-ordered integration, affirmative action programs, and so many other ways in which blacks and whites have come to interact and know one another better.

Most other races in America have come to terms with white America and vice-versa. We have intermarried, loved and laughed about our foibles. We don’t get in a snit when it’s convenient to play the race card.

Either we’re people or we’re not… we’re not colors. Build a bridge and get over it already.

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