Is our Putz-In-Chief's Islamic education as a child the reason for his ignorance as an adult?

Really – could there be a dopier bunch in the White House?

When protestors poured into the streets of Iran awhile back – ready to throw out a regime openly hostile to the West – President Zero got another ice cream cone and said something like “the affairs of other nations are not ours in which to meddle.”

Now, when protestors pour into the streets of Egypt, seeking to oust a dictator with whom we have a love-hate relationship (mostly love, when compared to the rest of the dictator/kings/mullahs in the region)… while openly hostile jihadists are waiting in the wings to take the country… Well, NOW Obama and his administration find their voice, calling for “an orderly transition” to a new government. Why didn’t Doh!bama just say “Hey Mubs… don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. Crazed jihadists… come on down!”

Will somebody please get this guy some ice cream? It’s the only way to shut him up.

The spectacle of the administration whipsawing Egypt-watchers around the world by having Vice President BiteMe bleeting out “Mubarek’s not a dictator” on one day, followed the next by his boss telling Hosni to “get out of town…”

Well, with friends like this, who needs the Muslim Brotherhood to cut our throats? Yo, Obama, I know you don’t buy your own gas, but we were cruising towards $4.00 a gallon even BEFORE the sandcrazies were salivating over getting control of the Suez Canal.

And if it’s really important, you should know that Egypt is not some jerkwater theocracy struggling to split atoms. The country stated its nuclear program before you were immaculated (1954); brought its first reactor (Russian-made) online in 1964; in 1996 constructed an Argentina-supplied nuclear reactor capable of producing fissionable material for nuclear weapons production; and supposedly has also bought reactor technology from China…

Oh, and if it matters, Egypt was busted in late 2004 and early 2005 by the International Atomic Energy Agency for conducting undisclosed experiments involving uranium metal (that’s the stuff that makes nuclear weapons go BOOM!)

So anything you can do to further destabilize the Middle East… please rock on!

I’m not a foaming Obama-is-really-a-Muslim conservative (though I am CERTAIN that, at best, he’s an “Election Eve Christian”)… but when I rack my brains for what is behind the complete imbecility of this president’s foreign policy… I can only think that his childhood familiarization with Islam has armed him with a childlike naiveté today re: what’s going on in the Muslim world.

Think about it… would you be nervous about me betting the house (YOUR house, by the way) on my “deep and personal understanding of Christianity” if what I knew about Christians was what I’d absorbed as a child in parochial school? That would make me the expert on Vatican history and its view of the world today???

So I posit that President Zero’s childhood education about Islam – made infallible by his tremendous ego and belief in his own unique abilities – is what is handicapping this foreign policy dufus.

It is precisely because no President, no matter how divine, can know everything about global politics that he or she must depend on career diplomats and people in our foreign service. I’m beginning to think the only thing Obama knows about our foreign policy comes from any excerpted Wikileaks cables he has read (now that he’s finished reading his health care bill… NOT!)

Hurry November, 2012!