His Party and The Economy in Shambles, Obama Shakes His Groove Thang

Many presidents – “George the Younger” among them – have done idiotic photo ops at exactly the worst possible time.

But perhaps the award for most questionable timing has to go to Prince Barry, for his “Mumbai Dance Party” at a local school in that Indian city.

In the wake of an election that completely rejected his agenda and leadership; just days after it was announced that initial U.S. unemployment insurance claims had risen from the previous week ; while the latest announcement about stagnant unemployment rates was still sinking in; while his personal war in Afghanistan dragged on with continuing deaths and injuries; what does our Dear Leader choose to do, but show off his Caucasian side with the dumbest moves put on tape since… well, since George W. boogied down and beat the drums with an African dance troupe.

Why, oh why, do they try?

Well, it could be worse – he could still be in Washington, making trouble for Americans.

And what exactly is the point of Zero’s 10-day sojourn to India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan? The press has been told that he’s going to “focus relentlessly on job creation” (jobs in America, I presume, but he wasn’t clear.)

Job creation? Huh? Don’t you first have to know HOW to create jobs? (Something our Dear Leader has already proven he is clueless about.) I suppose he’ll use his endless charms to convince the host countries to buy more from America. Yeah – that’ll work.

But the trip won’t be a complete bust – he’s getting his ego re-inflated with a healthy dose of “Obamamania” wherever he goes. Bollywood films, special menus and a namesake fish and chicken dish in one of Delhi’s best restaurants – its all being rolled out for His Majesty, so at least he’ll come home feeling his old self. Rough, buff and full of “stuff.”