REVIEW: Opening Night at Laura Ingraham's "Obama Diaries - Live!"

Laura Ingraham
(MINNEAPOLIS) – Last night my wife and I enjoyed the perfect pre-Halloween “chill pill” to the scary prospect of another two years of fighting the “abominable Obamas” – we were fortunate enough to attend the world premiere of “The Obama Diaries – Live,” onstage at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis.

Produced by (and starring) radio talker Laura Ingraham, the show now moves on to other cities across the country, but I like to think it had its tryout here in Minnesota for reasons which speak to the fast-changing nature of the political landscape in America (our state having always been a liberal stronghold, up until now.) The show heads to Dallas and Houston on Nov. 20 and 21 – but as far as I can tell, no other performances have been scheduled.

In a word, the show was “Obamalicious,” (satirically heavy on the “malicious”) and combined live onstage narration and hosting by Ingraham with real audio clips, photos, videos, and skewering-yet-spot-on impersonations of our imperious President and the First Lady by two fine performers.

Actors Reggie Brown of Presidential Comedy and Sonja Schmidt of PJTV.com brought the fictional secret thoughts of Mr. and Mrs. Prez to life in all of their vainglory, through uncanny characterizations and entire plausible soliloquies.

Actor Russell Brown

The fun included:

– Michelle’s private musings about being having to put in a showing in “redneck land” during the Gulf oil spill mess – but finding a good smoothie vendor, which saved the day.

– Barack’s complaints about Michelle’s “hip”-ocritical monitoring of his diet as part of her “Let’s Move” fitness initiative. To prove his point, he read off an average day’s food consumption by Michelle – a list that included “plates of bacon” and baby back ribs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

– Mother Robinson (Michelle’s mom) ridiculing her daughter’s new fitness food choices, but adamantly sticking up for her via “anonymous” phone calls to Laura’s cell phone during the show.

– The use of an army of National Parks Service employees – and full-grown vegetables – to create and maintain the illusory “Michelle’s Garden.” After an onstage lecture by the garden-implement-wielding First Lady, Ingraham reappeared and delivered the best – and most groan-inspiring – line of the night: “Who knew what damage a few seeds and a hoe could do?” (Sure, you saw it coming, but it still drew belly laughs.)

– The “You Could Be An Obama” game show, which brought two audience members onstage to answer questions about “what would Barack and Michelle” do in certain situations; and which gave the participants a part later on in the show.

– Oh, and outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made an appearance, too (Ingraham in “drag,”) and exhibited a sad case of “gavel envy” over the prospect of passing power to the Republicans in the next Congress. She was so distraught about it that while she was speaking, she felt both her eyelids move – something she said hadn’t happened for years!

– Speaker Pelosi also took the occasion to announce her party’s plans for a raft of new taxes, which included “a ‘VAT tax’ (for people who buy things) an ‘Air Tax’ (for people who breathe) and a ‘FOX tax’ for those who watch Fox News.”

The only government official I really missed seeing portrayed onstage was the blurstwhile VP Joe Biden – but he was there in spirit. In a fictional diary entry he talked about a recent pro-immigration Washington visit by pop singer “gal” Shakira.

Obama and Shakira

Biden said enthusiastically that if all immigrants were as hot as Shakira, he “would tear down that border fence with his bare hands!” You go, Joe!

Conservative star-sightings abounded: attending were actor Jon Voight, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, author Vince Flynn and other conservative luminaries. Ingraham invited each onstage at the end of the show for a few comments.

It was a great night of political humor, made all the better because it was at the expense of the most vacuous, unqualified and arrogant first couple our country has had in my lifetime…

What could have been a better Halloween treat?