NPR Ombudsman re: "Juangate": Yes, but look at all the good shows we have nothing to do with!

Seriously. That’s the novel approach the NPR Ombudsman is taking in her reply to people like me to wrote to “express my displeasure” at the firing of Juan Williams, and who pledged never to contribute to NPR again because of it. Read it yourself… Here’s an excerpt from the reply email that dropped into my mailbox yesterday:

Many of you have written or called saying you will no longer support public radio. Public radio is more than NPR. If you like Car Talk, Fresh Air, Marketplace, On Point, On the Media, This American Life, the BBC or Prairie Home Companion, then please support your local station. NPR is not responsible for any of those programs and your station needs help to pay for them.

Office of the Ombudsman, NPR

Pretty funny (and refreshingly honest for NPR!): “Sure… we understand that we suck and you won’t want to give us money in the future… but hey, look at all the great programs that you probably THOUGHT we had something to do with but we DON’T. Don’t miss out on them or your local affiliates! Just keep giving money!”

Gee, I guess I’m mistaken. So the best way to get your attention ISN’T to yank funding from the local affiliates? You mean the local affiliate leadership across the country ISN’T upset, and can’t demand (and secure) the firing of the now-infamously stupid NPR President Vivian Schiller? Oh… OK… never mind… (Ooooh! Gotta run! It’s time for “Car Talk.”)

And speaking of NPR’s Chief Airhead Schiller… She is a case-study in arrogant, incompetent organizational leadership.

First, she-of-the-rapier-wit publicly spews that the motivation for Williams’ comments is something “between him and his psychiatrist or publicist.” Ooops.

Then she sends out an internal memo laying out her thinking for the dastardly deed. You can read it here. (Warning – do not have a mouth full of liquids when you do… you will ruin your keyboard!)

Next, there’s her wormy on-camera statement given to Fox News when an “O’Reilly Factor” producer caught up with her on the street.

Finally, she offers this beyond-stupid non-apology apology, addressing the way in which the issue was handled:

“I regret that we did not take the time to prepare our program partners and provide you with the tools to cope with the fallout from this episode…the process that followed the decision was unfortunate – including not meeting with Juan Williams in person – and I take full responsibility for that.”

In other words, yes – I murdered someone in cold blood… and I apologize for hitting the wall behind him with my bullets.

Just how stupid do they think we are? Wait… don’t answer that… “Some (not All) Things Considered” is on!

NPR’s very name (National Public Radio) betrays its bias. In an age of a gazillion TV, radio and internet “channels,” there is no longer any doubt that ALL “broadcasting” is PUBLIC! Because “Ministry of Truth” operations like NPR receive public funding make them no more “public” than the hooker on the corner who lives on food stamps. They both do what they want with no accountability to the government check-writers. (But I guess they both do what their “johns” like George Soros want, at least for a few minutes.)

Like the WPA, NRA (National Recovery Administration) and NBC’s Red and Blue networks of yore, NPR and PBS are ideas whose time has come… and long gone.

If you’re still interested in helping this Schiller person find a new job (prior to ending public funding for NPR, of course) the board of directors for NPR is listed here. (Caveat: not all of these “open-minded” broadcasters on the NPR board publicly list their emails, but some do.)