Question: When was your first time... that you realized Obama was an "empty suit?"

While the post-election fires rage on here at RedState, I thought I might offer an alternative as a fun post.  (Well, this is tangentially related to the election, inasmuch as it’s through elections that we’re beginning the political neutering of The Great One.)

I’m wondering – what was the Obama’s first lie, foolishness or transparent spin that cemented your belief or suspicion that Barry Sotero was an empty-suit, presidential-qualities-wise?  (The aforementioned event needn’t have waited until he became presideng.  I doubt that it would have… most of us here were onto this this guy a long time before the election.)

– Was it when he’d claimed to have traveled to 57 states? 
– Or his “breathalyzer” for kids moment?
– Or when he made his dreamy “race” speech in which he tossed grandma under the treads? 

For me. I know exactly when I realized it: PROMPTERGATE!

Soon after the press began swooning over every speech he made, I noticed his head swiveling back and forth with the same rythm at every speaking engagement.  And then it hit me.  (I’ve worked with prompters all my life and should have recognized it sooner.)  But they had aways been so carefully cropped out of the picture. 

And, in my own defense, most of the speeches and ribbon-cuttings I’d seen him speak at on TV were no-brainers… things that the usual politician (usually a good speaker) would chew up and spit out without thinking about it twice. So c’mon – it wasn’t possible that “the greatest orator since Theodore Roosevelt” would be using a prompter for such appearances… was it?

So… WHEN WERE YOU CERTAIN THAT this guy was B- material dressed in an A+ suit?  It should be fun to read your comments.