Why Dems Don't Get How Our Economy Works - An Epiphany in the Waiting Room!

Whilst seated in my yet-free-to-practice-medicine-as-he-pleases doctor’s office, reading the Twin Cities’ “Hammer & Star” newspulper, I had an epiphany: why don’t most Dumocrats / Liberals understand how the American economic system works?

It’s because… Most of them didn’t get wealthy until AFTER they had taken office – you know, from the book deals, bribes, chicanery, campaign donations, etc.

So really – can we really fault any of them for coming to the conclusion that government is the source of wealth? What else would they conclude?

One strange counterpoint to this theory is Minnesota’s own Mark Dayton, old-line department store heir (Dayton’s now being Target). This fool keeps spending his “American Dream” fortune (third or fourth generation family money) to get elected to public office, sometimes winning, mostly losing.

But returning to the theme: Republicans usually makes their fortunes PRIOR to running for election, so they get what’s what.

Dems make their money while IN office, and there’s the rub.

They make their wealth the old-fashioned (and by old-fashioned, I’m talking “the oldest profession”)…

Why should we expect them to EVER understand our free market? It’s kind of like the story of the scorpion crossing the river on the turtle’s back… What they do is just “in their nature.”