"Make Mine Freedom" - Perhaps More Relevant Today Than When It Was Made in 1948! A Must-View for Children and Democrats!

I do SO love the Internet. Dropping into my email each and every day come myriad interesting things, but few are more interesting of late than this:

The short cartoon “Make Mine Freedom” was produced in 1948 by Harding College in Arkansas. The film (it’s really too profound to call a “cartoon” more than once in a post) is a primer in the American system of freedom, and a warning against those who would seek to steal that freedom through the peddling of “isms”… Socialism… unionism… statism… anything that seeks to create class envy and divide Americans against each other into groups of “us” and “them.”

This film should be shown in EVERY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN OUR COUNTRY. The young minds out there need this basic understanding of what has made their country great, and how to evaluate promises of snake-oil salesmen wherever they spring from.

Treat yourself and someone you love. Watch this video with them today.