"Black Jack" Pershing - Best ICE Border Patrol Agent Ever?

Do you know who “Black Jack” was? I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up…

John J. Pershing was one of only two men ever to reach the highest rank in the army: “General of the Armies of the United States.” (George Washington was the other, but Pershing would have outranked him due to seniority.)

Pershing was a West Point cadet, fought as a young officer in the Spanish-American war, then was assigned to the Phillippines when an insurrection broke out in that county. President Teddy Roosevelt saw him as fellow a “man of action” and promoted him above more than 800 officers to lead the American Army. Later, Woodrow Wilson appointed him the leader of the American Expeditionary Forces (the doughboys) in World War I.

But back to his role as a US-Mexican border agent…

He once served as the Commandant of Fort Bliss, Texas, and as such was responsible for security along the U.S. – Mexican border. The “Pancho Villa Expedition” – officially known in the United States as the “Mexican Expedition,” but sometimes referred to as the “Punitive Expedition” – was a military operation he conducted from 1916-1917 against the paramilitary forces of Mexican insurgent Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

It was a 4,800-troop expedition [now THAT’s border security, Mr. Obama!] across the border in retaliation for Villa’s illegal incursions into the United States and attacks on trains and villages, which resulted in the murder and execution of America citizens. He never caught up with Villa, but the cross-border raids eventually ended. During this time, George S. Patton served as one of Pershing’s aides, and personally shot and killed one of Villa’s top military leaders.

Here’s how Americans of the day saw the whole conflict (remember, it was a less-PC era!)


Oh my… so he was a RACIST who hated minorities, huh? Ummm… well… here’s how he got his unique nickname. One of Pershing’s early commands was the 10th Cavalry Regiment (an original Buffalo Soldier regiment) composed of African-American soldiers under white officers.

Later, while a Cadet Commander at West Point, he was such a disciplinarian that white cadets took to calling him “N*gger Jack,” which later morphed to the epithet “Black Jack,” – a nickname he wore with pride.

So how come we can’t use the Army to secure our southern border? Hmmmmmm…..?