A Solemn Video Through Which To Remember Sept. 11

While preparing to send out a “September 11th Anniversary” email asking friends and family to remember what it felt like nine years ago tomorrow; I began a search for a single, short video to reflect the horrors of that day.

I could not find one, so – building on the work of so many documentarians, feature filmmakers and news reporters – I assembled materials from dozens of sources into what is an accurate reflection for me of that day of infamy. The video also incorporates heart-wrenching audio recordings of flight attendants and World Trade Center victims.

But my goal in sharing this with the RedState community is greater than a desire to shock, or to force others to relive recent, ugly history.

As the titles before and after the video might hint, my goal is also to ask viewers to consider – JUST CONSIDER – that the past is prologue, and that the events of the past decade do not stand in isolation. The West has been through this before. It is a centuries-old struggle between ideologies: one that embraces love, forgiveness and a benign God vs. one that, by doctrine and action, seems to embrace hate, dominance and an angry deity.

The greatest tribute Americans could pay to the dead of September 11th would be to seriously examine history, the facts and then come to a reasoned conclusion on the issue… rather than leap to a reactionary condemnation of anyone who doesn’t believe that “all word views are equal in merit” and that civil debate is somehow “Hate Speech.”

That is what this American will be doing this evening and tomorrow. I pray that others will join me in doing the same before it is too late.