Koran-Burning Pastor's Website Shut Down... So Much For Freedom of Speech!

I’ve been trying to access the Dove World Outreach’s websites for the last day to get unfiltered information about Pastor Terry Jones’ plans to burn Korans this Saturday, 9/11… but with no luck. Now I learn why…

According to Reuters, the pastor’s hosting company – Rackspace Hosting – has yanked Dove World’s two websites late yesterday or early today, saying Dove World had violated a “Hate Speech” policy outlined in its terms of service.

This is lame, and no one who supports the right to speak freely in America should tolerate it. The whole idea of “Hate Speech” is an end-run around the First Amendment, and is criminalizing unpopular speech at every turn.

When are we going to wake up? Everyone who still values the right to express unpopular opinions should flood this “Ratspace” company with emails and phone calls.