Will the Ground Zero Mosque get a Bronx Cheer from New Yorkers?

At the beginning of the whole “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy (and it IS at Ground Zero… if you don’t believe it, look here) I wondered aloud if we might see a little “Mulberry St. Action” at some point.

Mulberry is one of the streets in New York City that defines Little Italy, where John Gotti’s photo is displayed in shop windows alongside that of John F. Kennedy and Jesus Christ. (I’m not joking – I saw it myself!)

After all, a building – even a mosque – has to be built by someone, right? In New York City, those “someones” work for the construction trade unions, and in some cases, those unions have a long relationship with New York crime families, especially those whose names end with a vowel and who were raised in the Roman Catholic tradition (the very religion that has had a few dust-ups with Islam in the past.) Some of those relationships might actually hinder construction.

I recount my prior thoughts only to set up and encourage you to read a most excellent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal which says much the same thing, but infinitely more elegantly. The writer, Mark Helprin, makes the point that while “they” have a constitutional right to put a mosque-community center-whatever right there… American construction workers have a constitutional right to not participate in its construction. As do firefighters and police have a right to protest outside any construction site.

Even if Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf had the money (which I don’t think he does) I don’t think he’ll get his Cordoba House built. Not by Americans, anyway.

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