An Argument for Gun Rights on the Daily Kos?!? Is the apocalypse far behind?

Posted on the uber-liberal website “Daily Kos” on July 4th was a long and thoughtful piece on … are you ready for this… why Liberals should love the 2nd Amendment.

Among the more logical passages:

When it comes to discussing the Second Amendment, liberals check rational thought at the door. They dismiss approximately 40% of American households that own one or more guns, and those who fight to protect the Second Amendment, as “gun nuts.” They argue for greater restrictions. And they pursue these policies at the risk of alienating voters who might otherwise vote for Democrats. And they do so in a way that is wholly inconsistent with their approach to all of our other civil liberties.”


So rather than continuing to fight for greater restrictions on Second Amendment rights, it is time for liberals to defend Second Amendment rights as vigorously as they fight to protect all of our other rights. Because it is by fighting to protect each right that we protect all rights.”

Yikes! Conservatives had better hope that large numbers of liberals do NOT read this and come to their senses. It would remove one of the issues that clearly define Liberals v. Conservatives.

The post goes on to support the idea that gun ownership is, indeed, an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT and not a “collective right.” It goes on to make other excellent points, finishing with a big one that ought to win over some of leftists:

“The Second Amendment is about revolution. In no other country, at no other time, has such a right existed. It is not the right to hunt. It is not the right to shoot at soda cans in an empty field. It is not even the right to shoot at a home invader in the middle of the night. It is the right of revolution.”

Wow. Could this be the long-sought agreement between Left and Right… the Holy Grail of American politics?