Barack Obama: Corrupt-ocrat

Many on middle-right of American life – the same people who gave Barack Obama the White House in the last election – suddenly seem befuddled, and at a loss to explain many of his actions in the past 18 months.
Even those who are further right, who believed all along that the Great Masquerader was a socialist, communist, or something along those lines are showing confusion over exactly what political stripe he wears.

The confusion comes because most Americans are used to classifying politicians by what they profess to believe. In this case, the politico if defined by what he seeks: personal power.

Barack Obama may be a Democrat, a socialist, even a communist at heart. But first and foremost, above all, he is a Corrupt-ocrat . A political animal without a true belief system, steered only by the winds of personal gain.

Why should anyone be surprised? After all, he 1) is the product of a me-first generation; 2) is uniquely non-American, meaning he was born and raised in a way that imbued him with absolutely no pride in this country and its traditions; 3) matriculated from a school which has wretched out successive classes of people trained in abstract cerebral combat, where right and wrong is only a topic for freshman theorizing; 3) earned his political stripes in Chicago, a place where corruption as rooted and elicits as much pride as the Bears, Cubs and White Sox. Think about it – the man even made a deal with the devil concerning his own soul, choosing and attending a racist ranter’s church purely for “street cred” which would help him be elected to high office.

On top of it all, he is articulate and African-American. (Not really – he as just as much a Caucasian-American, but as with everything else, he’s corrupted the truth on this as well.) His features, skin tone and coarse hair made him “black enough” for bamboozled whites to think of him as some answer to injustices perpetrated by their ancestors; and excited blacks enough to make them drop the pretense of “ignoring race” and overwhelmingly vote as a bloc to elect him to the presidency.

Like snake-oil salesman of the past, Obama “sells ‘em what they want to hear.” At the same time, his reason for being is to accumulate whatever he can for himself: money, power, prestige – all the things that build up his ego (which, it is clear by now, is so huge it blocks out the sun.)

Being a Corrupt-ocrat explains why his supporters on the left are feeling let down. In his quest for power, he’s fleeced them, too, trading on their beliefs to get their votes. (Can you say gay rights, Guantanamo, or Afghanistan?) Corrupt-ocrats must maintain the appearance of being somewhat centrist, for when one side completely writes them off, they cannot maintain power. And power is what it’s all about.

How else can the Corrupt-ocrat maintain his regal life above the “small people?” The parties, the dinners, the world’s largest private jet – all for his personal use.

Corrupt-ocrats are often duck-like, appearing to serenely glide atop calm waters, while feverishly paddling underneath it all, handing out the goodies they can in the pursuit of even greater control.

Just the improprieties we KNOW about in Obama’s young administration take the breath away: hundreds of millions in “political payoffs” to elected officials and “partnerships” with insurance companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to pass health care legislation; illegal attempts to influence elections by offering alternative employment to potential candidates; the takeover of automobile companies giving ownership to unions instead of secured creditors; extra-constitutional shakedowns of banks, then BP; and we’re just now beginning to learn about this administration’s part in a scheme to “sell” the Illinois senate seat he vacated.

Of course, Corrupt-ocrats can’t operate in the sunlight. So to succeed requires the willing complicity of a bedazzled (or cowering) press corps and a Pravda-like information operation that keeps good people from looking “behind the curtain.” Success also demands invisible levers that link directly to legislative gang members who can do the dirty work while the leader remains unsullied and above the fray.

Most of all, it requires adulation, fear or complete disinterest on the part of the governed – a new type of “don’t ask, don’t tell” that allows voters to continue to believe the person they put into power still has their best interests at heart.

When looked at through the lens of “me, myself and I,” almost all of Obama’s seemingly confusing actions since becoming president come into clear focus.

Like every Corrupt-ocrat in history, “best interests” are precisely what Obama has heart – but they are clearly his own.