Kansas Senate Race: Positive Conservative Solutions vs. 47 years in Washington and More of the Same

Washington has lost its way — we all know it — and we will not change Washington until we change who we send to Washington. Tomorrow Kansans have an opportunity to do just that.

wolf roberts

Too often, Republicans can offer little more than saying what they’re against, rather than what they stand for. This achieves little more than whining. We desperately need Republicans who can offer bold, positive, conservative solutions rather than just complaints. We desperately need new Republican leaders who can communicate why conservatism is not only effective, but also compassionate.

I am challenging Senator Pat Roberts in the Republican primary. After 47 years in Washington, Roberts cannot name any achievements worthy of re-election. Can you? He’s lost his way, voting for Barack Obama’s $600 billion tax hike, 11 debt ceiling increases and even for Kathleen Sebelius to run ObamaCare. Before I challenged him, before his breathtaking election-year conversion, Senator Roberts’ lackluster scorecards at Club For Growth and FreedomWorks were 55 and 54, respectively.

Pat Roberts is hiding from the issues that matter most to Kansans and all Americans. He has refused to debate me even after repeatedly and publicly promising voters he would, but there are serious policy differences between us. I offer positive conservative solutions while Pat Roberts offers more of the same.


I support term limits and will lead by example, pledging to serve only two terms in the U.S. Senate. I will continue to practice medicine in Kansas (part time and as a volunteer) while I serve and practice full-time when complete. Pat Roberts has been in Washington for 47 years.


I wrote a healthcare plan called PatientCare to fully repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a patient-centered and market-driven plan. The Objective Standard described it as being by far the best alternative to ObamaCare. Pat Roberts vote for Kathleen Sebelius and has not been able to explain why he opposes ObamaCare. He even said earlier this year that “it’s important to get it right,” and he has yet to propose any alternative to ObamaCare.


I believe the first duty of government is protect the citizens and that includes protecting our borders. Build the fence and build it Today! No amnesty. Enforce existing laws. After 47 years in Washington, Pat Roberts has done nothing to secure our border. He now proposes we fly drones over the border to spot those who have already crossed illegally (and will burden our legal system).


I believe the IRS is irretrievably corrupt and the 74,000-page tax code is unworkable and immoral. I want to be the guy who hangs the ‘Going out of Business’ sign on the front door of the IRS. I support the Fair Tax as the only plan that insists that all Americans play by the same set of rules. Pat Roberts has opposed IRS reform and last summer called the Fair Tax a “scheme.”


Our nearly $18 trillion debt is an anchor on our economy and the biggest threat to our children’s future. It’s the defining challenge of our era. I will oppose any debt ceiling increase. Pat Roberts has voted for 11 debt ceiling increases and under his watch the national debt has gone from under $1 trillion to nearly $18 trillion.


I oppose earmark spending. I also oppose any spending increases and favor cutting spending to fulfill the constitutional duties of our government. Pat Roberts voted for the Bridge to Nowhere and was the deciding vote to save earmark spending.


I believe Kansans, not Washington, should run Kansas schools. I trust parents, teacher and principals but not politicians and bureaucrats. Pat Roberts voted for ‘No Bureaucrat Left Behind’ that greatly expanded Washington’s reach into Kansas classrooms.


I believe a senator should have something far more powerful than just a vote. He should have a voice and he should use it fearlessly. I believe we need more senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. After 47 years in Washington, Pat Roberts has mastered the ability to quietly fly under the radar when our nation desperately needed him to stand up and fight. Kansans have a choice. Will we accept more of the same from a 47-year Washington insider, or will we embrace our future and elect a bold leader with positive conservative solutions?

I am a constitutional conservative and I’m a doctor, not a politician. I don’t claim to have all the answers and I encourage your counsel if you think I’m wrong. I know I won’t win every battle but you will NEVER have to wonder whether I’m in the fight or which side I’m fighting for.

To my fellow Kansans, I humbly ask for your vote on Tuesday. I ask you to urge your friends and family to vote as well. I won’t betray your trust. Together, we will once again be the sovereign citizens of the
republic, rather than subjects of a permanent ruling class.

Together, we will save America!


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