My Experience with the Corrupt IRS

Dr. Milton Wolf

Along the way to becoming the “Arch Nemesis of ObamaCare,” I fought against President Obama’s deeply flawed healthcare overhaul, long before it became law. I knew ObamaCare would be a disaster and that my patients would suffer under it. I wrote newspaper columns, did television and radio interviews and traveled the country speaking out. I was a headline speaker at the “Code Red Rally” when 40,000 patriots assembled on the West Lawn of the Capitol on the eve of the fateful ObamaCare vote.

I even authored a book, First, Do No Harm: The President’s Cousin Explains Why His Hippocratic Oath Requires Him to Oppose ObamaCare along the way to writing my own patient-centered, market-driven healthcare plan to replace ObamaCare called PatientCare.

When I stood up to Barack Obama, that’s when the coincidences began.

In 2010, my federal income tax return was withheld, for no identifiable reason. We filed our personal income taxes, we were eligible for a refund, and the refund simply didn’t come. Weeks turned to months and no one from the IRS could explain why. Finally, after numerous inquiries, an IRS taxpayer advocate informed us that they were looking into our refund and described the situation as “unusual” and “very strange” but couldn’t explain it.

After months of this, the IRS finally did send us our refund, and they even paid us interest on it. How often does the IRS pay interest to a citizen? Yet, to this day, after the taxpayer advocate confessed that she had never seen a case like ours, the IRS still could not or would not offer an explanation.

But I’m sure that was just a coincidence.

Around that same time, my medical practice was audited. (We received a clean bill of health.)

But I’m sure that was just a coincidence too.

Around that same time, the White House actually tried to get fired from the Washington Times where I had been writing a conservative column that was highly critical, not only of ObamaCare, but of Barack Obama himself.

But I’m sure that was just yet another coincidence too.

So just why have Americans grown so frustrated with the IRS? It’s simple: The IRS abuses American citizens. Our leviathan tax code carries with it the enormous and insidious power to coerce otherwise free Americans into doing the politicians’ bidding. Buy the “right” car. Use the “right” energy source. Donate to the “right” charity. Of course, it’s the government, not you, who has the power to decide what’s right for you.

We’ve entered a dangerous era where it’s becoming more and more difficult to accurately describe Americans as free. Civic groups are forced to run the IRS gauntlet where they are judged based on the correctness of their thoughts. Groups who dare to use the terms “tea party” or even “patriot” — patriot! — are given extra scrutiny. A book club was asked to submit a list of the books they read. (In Barack Obama’s America, why bother burning books when you can simply audit people who read the wrong ones?) The IRS even demanded that one conservative group detail the contents of their prayers.

Latest revelations expose that Representative Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the oversight committee, is accused of being involved — illegally — in seeking information from the IRS and publicly disclosing it to silence political adversaries. Their transgression: working for honest and legal elections.

Meanwhile, President Obama who clearly understands the raw power of the tax code, has proposed 442 new taxes since taking the White House. The power to tax is the power to destroy indeed.

Our Founders had a vision for a free America and this most certainly is not it. With an IRS that has metastasized itself into every aspect of our lives — our businesses, our homes, our books, our prayers — can we truly call ourselves free and sovereign American?

The IRS targeting of Americans is simply unacceptable. It’s not just that it’s bad tax policy; it’s antithetical to the American Idea and it’s downright immoral. No sovereign citizen should ever be the target of their government for the sin of not thinking the “right” thoughts.

The power to tax is indeed the power to destroy and the government is hellbent on taxing your income. You do the math.

It’s time to reclaim the Land of the Free. It’s time to reaffirm that the American citizen, not the IRS agent, is sovereign. It’s time to dismantle the IRS, brick by brick, and send the Lois Lerners and Elijah Cummings to the ash heap of history.

It’s time to hang a “Going Out of Business” sign on the front door on any federal agency that believes itself to be the arbiter of free speech and the overseer of your prayers.

It’s time to replace the irretrievably corrupt tax code with a simple system that bypasses the bureaucrats and the auditors and holds dear the simple and moral premise that every American should play by the same set of rules. It’s time to scrap the income tax and adopt the FairTax.


Dr. Milton Wolf is a constitutional conservative running for the United States Senate in Kansas. Called “the next Ted Cruz” and the “Arch Nemesis of ObamaCare,” Wolf has been endorsed by Erick Erickson, the Senate Conservatives Fund, Madison Project, the Republican Liberty Caucus, Tea Party Express and Mark Levin. You can follow and  support his campaign at: miltonwolf.com.