How Swede it is! They're not afraid

From BBC  today

A far-right anti-immigration party in Sweden has won seats in parliament for the first time, denying the governing centre-right coalition an overall majority.

I voted for Sweden Democrats and I am not surprised they won. Other parties have utterly failed to bring up the question of integration of immigrants into Swedish society. The Sweden Democrats is the only party that has addressed the issue.

None of our previous governments has been able to deal with the problems of immigration in an acceptable way. It’s not just about the numbers of immigrants we welcome, it’s about what we do to integrate them.

I hope this outcome will make the immigration issue more visible ”

Many of them don’t speak the language and live in a segregated way.

I’ve had several encounters with non-European immigrants and this is the main reason why I moved out of the country.

When you express your views you are called a Nazi, a racist, you are not politically correct, you are seen as a bad human being.

I no longer felt safe expressing my thoughts on this subject. It was so common to slander those who think differently, it became unbearable for me to continue living in Sweden.

I am mostly moderate in my politics and have voted for moderate parties all my life until now.

I hope this outcome will make the immigration issue more visible – it will invite other parties to talk about it and do something about the issues immigration brings.”