your friendly waitress

Your friendly waitress

Wait: A unity salad Sir?

Man: NO thank you. I don’t want your salad with all that stuff on it: no porcini or Bulgarian feta or olives or portobelly mushrooms or endive or none of that shredded this or shredded that.

Man: How about just bringing me a plain and simple green salad?

Wait: I’ ll have to charge you extra.

Man: And why is that? No, no, wait a minute, you mean to tell me I have to pay more for getting less?

Wait: No, well ,no well because. Because we have to make you a special salad and we have already made these salads.

Everybody gets the same. If we start giving everybody what they want than the salad we made will rot.

Man: I see you are starting to get the picture, child.

First you had the bright idea to assume everybody wants the same thing then you pass your loss on to me by making me pay more for getting less, just because I want a simple fufu free salad!

Wait: Well the management did not me. I just work here.

Man: I know that dear and you are doing an excellent job at selling your salad, but not to me you’re not. Why don’t you just go boogie down to the kitchen and get me a plain green salad with 1000 island dressing

Wait: Oh sir 1000 island is off the menu. It is bad for your health. We have a choice of vinegar and oil or lemon wedges. (Or wedgies however you want to pronounce them)

Man: Show me to your manager I’ll show him what  “lemon wedgies” looks like.