Rove should Apologize to O'Donnell

He has just opened the Gates to liberal media to go to town with their bashing. Thanks for nothing Karl buddy. We hope she is as tough skinned as our SARAH

Think about it. If Sarah were so bad would you think for a minute  they would bash her so good?  They are so scared because they know something you don’t know or accept.  “She makes freaking comment SENSE!”  So they use the old trick. the best defense is an offense.

Now if things are going according to plaaaan They are juuuust about now getting ready to tear Christine apart as they watch the score board blinking. Christine! Christine! Christine! in the final minutes!!!! What other game plan do they have? None they are on the loosing team  remember?  But we the people already know the score The game is already won, Better luck next time Media.