Is he or isn't he? who cares. That is not the issue today.

He was born to a muslin father, that we know. He was born to a born Christian mother, that we know.

He grew up in a Muslim country with a mother who remarried another Muslim. That tells us how much she cared about introducing him to Christianity.

I do  believe he had a hard time dealing with any religion. He grew up dancing the Tango. He is a quite mixed up person. Jesus , Mohammad , Mohammad. Give him a brake on that. that is why I believe he chose to go to a church that talk less about religion and more about his favored subject: ideology seeking equal justice  through radical speeches.  I don’t believe Obama knows much about any religion but believes he can make up one.  That is why it is hard for him to come out and say anything about religion in any compassionate way expect the professorial way. That is his comfort zone.

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