Zogby: Little Support for 3rd Party Candidates

A new poll from Zogby/World Net Daily that included five names in addition to those of Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama finds little support for third party candidates.

Obama came on top in the poll with 38.1% and McCain had 33.6%. The third place finisher in this poll was “undecided” with 21.3% followed by 7.3% who said they were not going to vote at all.

Among the third party candidates, Independent Ralph Nader had 1.3%, Libertarian Bob Barr was at 1.2% and Alan Keyes, who will only be on the ballot in a hand full of states, had 0.7%. Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney received 0.2% on the Green Party line and the Constitution Party nominee, Chuck Baldwin, came in last with 0.1%.