President Obama's Miscalculation on Immigration

When the President on Friday announced amnesty by executive order (and don’t let anyone else try to spin it to you otherwise) it has become more clear that huge segments of voters are being cast aside in a desperate attempt to win reelection.

First consider the narrative of the Obama administration as one that disregards the law at every inconvenient turn.  From putting unsecured Union creditors ahead of secured creditors at GM, not enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act, and allowing the illegal sale of guns to Mexican drug lords. Second consider Obama’s criticism over the Bush administration era signing statements and his u turn on their use.

It is well documented that this is a u turn on the constitutionality this compared to what was said just in the last year.  Given the law has not changed the only conclusion one can draw is Obama is doing anything he can to win another 4 year term law and constitutional process be damned.

The consequences of this brazen act have not been well thought through.  Neil Munro’s interruption at the Friday speech regarding foreign workers being favored over Americans was inappropriate at the time but hit on a serious issue.  Why would law abiding citizens be put into a position where they are being put behind illegal aliens in a blanket executive decision?

Given the age group  (under 30) the issue not thought out would not be jobs (there are not many) as much as it would be access to higher education.  Toss in affirmative action access policies along with this amnesty decision and you do create a situation where illegal aliens would be given preference over citizens in college admissions.  So if you are a college aged adult seeking admission your may find it harder to enter the school of your choice unless you have no problem digging up shaky evidence to define yourself as a minority.

Michael Barone recently wrote an excellent article on why the Scots-Irish in the so called Jackson belt are already inclined not to like Obama’s policies.  This new move will make it tougher for him in the Midwest as well where working class voters turned on Democrats in 2010 and seem to be ready to do so again this November.

Above all else the biggest problem with governing absent constitutional process like this is over time people you intend to help begin to see your methods before your intent.  This happens most clearly at times when you help someone else and run roughshod over another to do so.  Throw in his credibility is at question given he criticized the previous administration for doing as he is and you have lots of room to be skeptical of how this President governs.  Decent law abiding Americans of all political stripes eventually feel the shaft of as Barone put it so eloquently “Gangster Government.”