More Mexico citizenship hypocrisy

Not many people in the United States know who Bob Bradley is though in about 2 months many people will when he leads the US National Soccer team to South Africa for the FIFA World Cup.  Bradley took over from Bruce Arena in 2007 has quietly but competently led the US into 4 major tournaments winning 1 and getting to the final in the other 2.

Even fewer people in the US will know the name Hugo Sanchez.  For 2 tumultuous years Sanchez was Bradley’s counterpart in Mexico leading “El Tri” and enjoying much more recognition than Bradley likely ever will.  Sanchez is a legend in Mexico having spent many successful years plying his trade as a prolific goal scorer in Spain for giant club Real Madrid.  As far as success goes a comparison with Dan Marino would not be far off. 

Sanchez openly campaigned for the Mexico manager’s position after 2006 World Cup.  After the 2002 and 2006 World Cups he savaged the team’s managers for picking naturalized citizens instead of native born players.  In 2002 a single Argentine born player who legally became a Mexican citizen caused a huge amount of controversy.  A high profile sports legend like Sanchez is also not the only one to critisize the practice.  Mexico player and captain Rafael Marquez has also been on record against allowing naturalized players on the national team and also for a rule to limit the number of foreigners on Mexican league teams to approximately 2-3 (15%) of the roster.

Polls done in Mexico show citizens constantly oppose the inclusion of non native born citizens on the national team which is the pride, joy, and anguish of the Mexican nation. 

Now Hugo Sanchez was fired in 2008 after a mixed record as manager but the killer being a poor record against their hated (and I mean hated) rivals USA. 

Now why is this important to the immigration issue?   There is no more visible and unifying entity in the Mexican nation than their national soccer team.  People live and breathe soccer.  Xenophobia on the soccer field means it exists in the society as a whole.  The hypocrisy permeates not just in their treatment of those at the bottom of the citizenship totem pole as Michelle Malkin noted earlier in the week but also at the top.

Now back to Bob Bradley.  He has picked players for those successful teams that have been born in Argentina, Ghana, Jamaica, and Scotland not to mention dual citizens of Mexico and the USA.  You probably have never heard that unless you are like me one of the few dedicated US Soccer fans. 

How the USA treat people in this country is second to none and the hyperbole being used to slander people who want the existing laws enforced is a travesty.  Next time you run into a supporter of blanket amnesty or an opponent of the Arizona law, remember the many many ways that the US is superior in how it treats people from other parts of the world who come here.  Hopefully this gives you yet another example that if not useful is interesting to know coming up on the World Cup in June.






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