20 / 20 Friday night

Hi folks – my dad had on 20/20 earlier this evening. They were doing a McCain vs Obama story.

I don’t know who the narrator was, but he was driving, driving, driving home the point that basically McCain is done. They were showing a montage of clips of both candidates, Sarah, Joe the Plumber, and Tina Fey. Over these clips, the narrator was saying something like “…Bill Ayres, Joe the Plumber…none of these issues worked and really made a difference”, meaning in terms of affecting Obama.

I said “Not true…SO not true!” to which my dad told me I was getting too worked up. Don’t get me wrong, my whole family is for McCain, but they think I’m practically making myself ill worrying about all this.

My point: The MSM for the most part is glossing over the smallest glimmer of hope for Mac. They just will keep plugging away that he’s not getting anywhere. If it wasn’t for RedState, I’d be blue (no pun, honest). It was because of RedState (and a bit of Mr. Hannity!) that I knew that Mac HAS been digging into O’s lead!

I have been praying VERY hard about this for months, and have intensified my efforts leading up to Tuesday. I firmly believe that perhaps the Lord Jesus led me to this site to hear encouragement. I don’t even tune in to read dirt on Obama, but to see good news about Mac / Sarah. And, I HAVE been encouraged!!God bless you all!!! GO JOHN & SARAH!!!