Prayer suggestion -

Hi folks – I know that there has been a lot of discussion on redstate about the power of prayer, and that so many of us are raising our voices to the Lord in this election.

I know that not everyone here is Catholic, and I do hope I’m not treading on sensitive ground – but I just felt I had to pass this on – Father John Corapi, who appears on EWTN television, has suggested a nine day Rosary novena starting on Monday, 11/27, and continuing up to and including 11/4. 9:00 PM in whatever time zone you are in is what he suggested as the prayer time.

Catholics in the pro-life movement use the Rosary as a POWERFUL weapon against the pro-death forces that are running amok in this country and the world. Since there are incredible risks to pro-life laws in this election, along with other terrible risks to our country, I think it’s an apt prayer to use.

Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement. Your words have really uplifted me over the past few uncertain weeks.

God is more powerful than any poll!!!! And now back to prayer!Mike from SI, NYLonely red guy in a blue state

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