An Open Letter to Newt Gingrich's "American Solutions for Winning the Future"

Dispatched tonight to the organization:

Dear American Solutions:

You care about doing things that work – solutions that are effective. I am writing to tell you that one of the solutions YOU have chosen to manage your organization has failed you badly, and tarnishes your name in so doing.

As a personal preference, I never, ever give money to people who call me on the telephone, at home or otherwise. I resent the intrusion into my privacy and seclusion, and am aware that a significant percentage of telephone contributions goes to support telephone operations rather than actual causes. Nonetheless, many political organizations and charities use telephone solicitation as a means to raise money.

When your group’s phone bank called me the first time, I politely requested they not call me again. When they called me a second time, interrupting dinner with my family, I repeated my polite request.

Tonight marks the fifth time I have been disturbed by phone banks contacting me in your name. I understand logistical difficulties for the first or even the second time; beyond that it reeks of incompetence. How can you propose to fix health care or air travel if you cannot even stop your own phone banks from angering the very people who are most likely to support your efforts?

My phone number has been submitted along with this message. Please, please, please… direct your phone banks to stop calling my home because they cannot seem to honor my requests to do so. Insist that they develop efficient systems to respect the privacy of those who request it. Demand that they stop using your name if they cannot demonstrate their own competence in doing so.

Solutions begin at home. I hope you can walk your talk.

Thank you for your attention.

Hoping for real change,
Mike Wasylik

I will post any response I receive.