Wake Me When It's Over

I’ve very reluctantly come to accept that one of two things will happen on November 8th.  Either Hillary Clinton will be elected president or Donald Trump will pull the upset of the century.  For a long time I held out hope.  The GOP field will narrow.  Once it narrowed, people will line up behind Cruz.  At the convention the delegates will vote their conscience.  Trump will decide it’s no longer fun and drop out.  I even contemplated that Hillary would be indicted, and Joe Biden would become the Democrat nominee (and believe me, I’m no Biden fan).  But I’ve had to stop kidding myself.  Gary Johnson (who I’m also not crazy about) may climb in the polls, but not enough to actually win.  It’s Trump or Hillary.

Every time I think about this I realize that it’s not just that I want neither of them to win.  I want both of them to lose—badly.  In that horrible cycle I go back and forth.  As recently as last week I had concluded that, while I won’t vote for Trump, I might actually prefer that he win.  In that scenario I’d also hope that, once he got his name in the history books, he’d get bored, resign, and turn things over to Pence.  Or perhaps sane Republicans would join with the Dem’s to impeach him at some point. After all, I reckoned, the thought of Hillary’s SCOTUS choices and more of a left wing agenda is too much to bear.  Plus, the thought of a bunch of left-wingers gloating over yet another victory over those “nasty Republicans” would drive me insane.  That’s where I was until a couple of days ago, when I read an anti-Trump article on Hot Air, then read the blowback  from his loony supporters in the Comments section.  “We don’t want or need you.”  “Trump’s going to win in a landslide and embarrass all of you.”  There was the inevitable “Not voting for Trump is a vote for Hillary,” and anyone who doesn’t line up with Trump has to be a left-wing Hillary supporter or a RINO establishment Republican.  After all, people such as Cruz and Sasse aren’t “real conservatives.” “Sour grapes because your guy didn’t win.  Trump sure kicked his a**, didn’t he?” The final straw was the comments that, if Trump loses, “we will destroy the GOP forever.”  I realized at that point that I find Trump and his supporters as detestable as those backing Hillary.  It’s going to be a long 12 weeks, then an incredibly long four years.  May the worst one lose.  And whichever one wins—to borrow Rush Limbaugh’s line—I hope she (or he) fails.