Better to Crash the Party or Send Regrets Only?

Up-front confession: I have been a political junkie since I was 12 years old, watching both conventions every four years, even though I clearly supported the GOP.  This year I cannot bring myself to watch even one minute of either convention, as I find the candidates and their supporters so detestable that it would merely ruin my day.  I admit this because perhaps I’ve missed some of what actually happened in my reliance on summaries from blogs and news outlets.  It has been my opinion for months, though, that any respectable conservative should shun the GOP convention if Trump is the standard-bearer.  I am of the opinion that the right decision was the one made by some who have been branded with the dreaded “e” or RINO label: Romney, Kasich, Jeb!, the Bush family, Graham, etc. 

It has been disheartening to me to hear that many who I respect ultimately “endorsed” the con artist: Rubio, Walker, Ryan, Cotton, Ernst, and Sen. Ron Johnson (who may very well have blown any chance he had at re-election). If you’re going to appear and speak, though, apparently Cruz did it the right way.

 I’m reminded of a story that happened in the church I grew up in.  A woman in our community was killed in an auto accident after a night of binge drinking and carousing with a man who was not her husband.  She had a rather sordid reputation anyhow and never attended our church (or any other that I’m aware of).  But because one of her close friends was a board member at our church, our pastor was pressured to do the funeral.  Everyone wondered what he would say.  Would he give the typical “We know she’s now in Heaven, in the arms of Jesus” message or would he use the occasion to preach against the consequences of sin?  He did neither, rather talking about the beautiful flowers that had been sent, how that showed she had many friends.  He talked about her lovely children and how her family cared for her, etc.  This is apparently what Cruz did.  He was gracious, talked about issues vital to conservatives (a few that Trump actually claims to agree with), but he didn’t once say that Trump was qualified, that he was a paragon of virtue, or that “right-minded citizens” should vote for him.  If you must say anything at all, say that.

I truly hope that conservatives can unite again after the debacle in November.  That will mean forgiving some who reluctantly did what they thought they had to (Walker, Rubio, Ryan, etc.), admitting that people such as the Bush’s and Kasich were right to sit it out, comforting friends and family members who we know to be conservative who were conned by this fraud, rewarding those who stood on principle (Cruz, Sasse, etc.) , and even holding our noses and supporting some RINO’s if it’s obvious a conservative can’t win in that state.  On the other hand, we need to sever those who deliberately and blindly led us down this path: Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham, Coulter, Gingrich, Sessions, etc.  If we are to rebuild they need to become as unwelcome as a rattlesnake at a playground.  And I hope the GOP has seen the last we’ll ever see of Chris Christie, Rick Scott, and Jan Brewer.