Open Letter to Senators Cruz & Rubio, Governors Perry, Walker, and Bush, and Ms. Fiorina

An Open Letter to Senators Cruz & Rubio, Governors Perry, Walker, and Bush, Ms. Fiorina:

First, Sen. Cruz: Your strength has been your willingness to be honest even in the face of opposition. You have called out GOP leadership when they have lied to you or failed to live up to their promises. So I ask you to continue with that honesty in this campaign. There is no reason whatsoever to support Donald Trump. You know the person he is, and you’ve stated it forcefully during your campaign.

Governor Perry: You were the first among the candidates to call out Trump for the phony he is, so you were the first to receive his wrath. You paid a price for it. You ended your campaign very early because the Trump bandwagon squeezed you out. Please do not now reward this insulting imposter with an endorsement. Make it clear that nothing has changed since you first made the case against Trump.

Sen. Rubio: One of your best speeches was one where you clearly called out Trump for his terrible behavior and lack of principle. You said we could never support Donald Trump. Please do not become a hypocrite and now reward him with your support.

Gov. Walker: A year ago the nomination appeared to be yours. Like Gov. Perry, you pulled out very quickly, having become an early target of an insulting, foul-mouthed bully. Conservatives continue to respect you. Please stand for conservative principles and make it clear that Trump is not worthy of the support of people who share your ideals.

Gov. Bush: I couldn’t support you because I felt it was time for someone not named Bush. But I think you are a decent man, and I respect your family. During the campaign you were treated like a disabled child being mocked by a schoolyard bully. And your brother was accused of being in on 9/11. Can you honestly now give your support to someone so lacking in character? I sincerely hope not.

Ms. Fiorina: Mr. Trump was especially brutal with you, mocking your appearance and pretty much anything else he could find to mock. You are an up and coming leader within the party. Please do not now reward this man with your support.

And a word to convention delegates: You are legally bound to vote for Mr. Trump on the first ballot, and it now appears there will only be one ballot. But many if not most of you oppose him. Don’t hang around for the party. Exit in disgust immediately after casting your vote and allow the cultists to hold their worship service to Baal.

The Republican Party, already with approvals in the 20% range, needs to run from this disgusting man as fast as they can.