The "We Must Unite" Farce

So after spending months insulting GOP rivals with cruel taunts, accusing a former GOP president of treasonous acts, mocking at least three former GOP nominees and numerous GOP senators, congressmen, and governors, insulting GOP voters, critiquing long-held GOP positions and lauding many leftist positions, Donald Trump now says it’s time to unify behind him. The same message is being delivered by sold-out media personalities such as Hannity and Limbaugh and cowardly politicians such as Palin and Christie. And now Gov. Scott joins that group, telling us it’s time to unite for the fall campaign. We HAVE TO, after all, because not to do so would assure the election of Hillary Clinton. Sorry, Mr. Trump and your toadies, but this is the mess you’ve created. Hillary’s presidency is on your shoulders. I will never support a vulgar, insulting, wishy-washy, petulant, left leaning, Democrat contributing, abortion loving, race-baiting, angry, deceitful, non-repentant, worship demanding, narcissistic, 9/11 truther/birther, just because he’s not Hillary Clinton. #NeverTrump   Never!