Better get that 3rd party rolling quickly

I realize that most voters aren’t as invested in the process as bloggers, so maybe they’re not entirely representative.  But I have to assume that on some level they represent similar minded voters.  With that in mind, I’ve just spent a depressing hour on a couple of other blog sites (no, not Breitbart, which I know is out of balance).  Trump supporters seem to stay away from RS (thankfully), but they’re all over the place on other sites.  I read some of the most disgusting, hateful, irrational, racist stuff I’ve seen in a long time.  And they’re not persuadable.  Nothing anyone points out to them seems to matter.  With no sign of the field winnowing right away, Trump may have this wrapped up in no time.  Even if he falls short of the 50% threshold, if he goes into the convention with say 40% of the delegates he needs there would be a riot if he were denied the nomination.  And if he gets it, it would be too late to mount a 3rd party.  The brokered convention idea is starting to look unrealistic, coupled with the fact that Cruz and Rubio supporters seem in no mood to compromise.  By the time one or both have to drop out Trump will probably be way ahead.  Of course, there’s always Kasich…I joke.  Your country is calling, Gov. Perry.