Trump's Waterloo

Last night I found myself imagining a President Trump petulantly challenging the press, senators from his own party, and his own cabinet members.  Then it hit me again—something I’ve known all along—Trump will never be president.  He will have a one-on-one and meet his waterloo.  Unfortunately it may come at the hands of Hillary Clinton.  His supporters are so foolishly focusing on everything they hate about the GOP  “establishment” that they’re clueless to the fact they’re going to get everything they hate—and more—after November.  And sadly, the rest of us are going down with them.  I hope I’m proven wrong on the next couple of primary days, but nothing has changed thus far.  And last night his supporters were hitting the internet and Drudge’s on-line polls, claiming he “won” the debate.  He’ll get his 35% and the remainder will be divided between Rubio, Cruz, and to some degree, Kasich.