Fire Priebus ASAP

There are a lot of flubs that Rence Priebus needs to held accountable for.  Too many debates were scheduled, and the RNC has allowed a lot of left-wing moderators and questioners to run those debates.  But nothing matches the royal mess he created when he made a deal with “The Donald” to persuade him not to run third party.  I knew at the time it was a huge mistake.  For one thing, Trump had no business whatsoever running as a Republican.  And fearing his 3rd party bid was an exercise in cowardice that has set up the fiasco we’re looking at now.  We have a situation where our primaries are being hijacked in states that don’t require party registration by a coalition of liberals, union activists, white nationalists, and idiots.  If the last poll I saw showing him at 42% in SC is accurate, we are looking at a disaster.  Despite bowing to all of his wishes, I heard on Limbaugh today (and that’s another story) that Trump is again threatening to go third party.  PLEASE, PLEASE, Donald, drop out and go third party.  PLEASE!  He’ll take as many votes from the Dem’s as from us.  And if this mess continues I hope and pray that somewhere some group of people is figuring out how to mount a 3rd party conservative option.  What a mess.