Clint Eastwood for President

I was struck with an idea the other day. The GOP desperately needs to be united in order to win this year, and yet we’re divided in at least three directions. There’s the group whose most important quality is electability, generally supporting Rubio. There’s the group that wants a solid conservative, most supporting Cruz. Then there’s the group that’s decided we need an aging, outspoken celebrity who’s despised by the media. (Call it the Reagan Syndrome, although Trump has more in common with Schwarzenegger, who interestingly is taking over The Apprentice). There seems to no reconciliation. Somebody needs to unite us. Electability=someone liked by the population at large, and Trump isn’t. Conservative means just that. Outspoken celebrity? I remember the “chair” from 2012, something the base loved but the media railed against. Like a lot of other conservatives, I can’t support a non-conservative such as Trump, but I’m starting to feel this outspoken celebrity thing. I could live with Jon Voight or Gary Sinese, but I think we should go for the real superstar: Clint Eastwood for President. (Go ahead, Hillary, make our day).