Romanoff makes Obama Magic Disappear in “Untouchable” Douglas County

Over the years, the Mafia has put down roots in many states and Metropolitan areas of America. Whether its New Jersey, New Orleans, Kansas City, or the unofficial Mafia Capital of Chicago, this organized crime outfit knows where it can grow and bloom. It is a cancer.

Denver and Colorado have never been fertile ground for the Mafia. We Coloradans like to think we are less prone to criminal influence. Whatever the reason, Colorado doesn’t take to organized crime and the Mafia knows it. Here it’s tough to even find an Alderman, let alone buy one. We have our problems but they aren’t the same problems you see in Kansas City or Chicago.

Last November, we selected a new U.S. president. On election day, Barack Obama defeated John McCain in Colorado and across America. He was inaugurated in January 2009. To get there, Obama had built his empire in Chicago, where Al Capone used to rule. Previously, he won an Illinois state senate seat and a U.S. Senate seat after his opponents mysteriously dropped out or suddenly had scandals explode in their face. Welcome to The Chicago Way.

After taking office as President, Obama brought in his cronies from Chicago, including Rahm Emmanuel and Jim Messina, his deputy chief of staff. Emmanuel and Messina are the new Chicago “muscle” for politics in the Obama age. A new, organized empire, Chicago style, was being formed.

On Saturday, September 26th, the Chicago Way ran into the Colorado Way.

With a thud.

After being roughed up by Emmanuel and Messina who first tried to buy him and then tried to politically whack him, U. S. Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff appeared at a Douglas County, Colorado Democratic Fundraiser as their guest of honor.

Romanoff has visited voters in Douglas County numerous times along with the other 63 counties in Colorado. He has paid his dues and it shows. The event, held in a tavern in Castle Pines on short notice, was surprisingly well attended. Of late, Democrats have had to dodge the question “How is that Hope & Change thing working out for you?” With video of ACORN holding class on how to operate a house of prostitution, it has gotten pretty embarrassing to be a Dem. Not at this Douglas Fundraiser.

Romanoff told the crowd why he was running for U.S. Senate. At first, he was going to “sit this one out”. A Fort Collins crowd turned that around. To keep him out, he was offered a cushy job in the Obama organized empire by Jim Messina. He turned the bribe down. Instead he announced his candidacy, and got rewarded by an endorsement of his opponent by President Obama within 24 hours.


After all, the Chicago boys already have their hand picked candidate, Michael Bennett. That should be that and Colorado Voters shouldn’t be involved. To Romanoff the message from the Obama machine was Get Out and Stay Out. To Romanoff’s credit, he has Stayed In.

When asked about the risk of challenging this Organized Chicago Crowd over at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Romanoff answered “Barack Obama can’t vote in this senate election. Coloradans can.” He brushed off the brouhaha about challenging Bennett. “Democrats are like cats. You hear a cat fight and think they are tearing each other up. Instead they are just making more cats.”

The Fundraising event, held in a tavern in Castle Pines, was surprisingly well attended. Of late Democrats have had to dodge the question “How is that Hope & Change thing working out for you?” Not at this fundraiser.

Senator Bennett’s opinion concerning the unwashed masses we call the electorate could best be seen this August. During the congressional recess, Mr. Bennett held a town hall in a private home, by invitation only. This may be the Chicago Way, but it clashes with the sensibilities of the people of our state. 6th CD Congressman Mike Coffman, by contrast, held seven town halls across his district in August. Each one was publicly advertised, open to anyone, and no questions were out of bounds. That’s for one Congressional District.

Mr. Bennett’s territory covers seven Congressional Districts. Its tough to take the electorate’s questions when you are in a cronies’ private home with private supporters. But it is The Chicago Way.

Unfortunately for The Chicago Way, there will be a Democratic primary next August where the Dems will select their candidate for U.S. Senate. In one corner sits Andrew Romanoff, having successfully run for office four times to the state House. He finished his 4th term as House Speaker.

In the other corner, is Michael Bennett, never on a ballot, never held accountable by the public. In spite of his total lack of background, accountability, and experience as an elected public servant, Bennett has found himself anointed by Governor Ritter and Obama and Rahm Emmanuel and Jim Messina. He is our unelected, appointed junior U.S. Senator.

To pull an actual election primary victory off in the Chicago Way, it looks like ACORN will have to do a lot of “organizing” to create the votes needed to buy this one. Currently ACORN has three offices in Colorado. There may be a lot of overtime paid in primary season. That’s The Chicago Way.

Where is Elliot Ness when we need him? Come to think of it, Romanoff looks a lot like Robert Stack.