Douglas Colorado School Officials rewrite rules for Pres. Obama

In a virtually unprecedented action, Douglas County School District (DCSD) Officials altered and rewrote a key document to greatly expand the number of impressionable children exposed to the direct influence of President Obama on September 8, 2009.

On the morning of September 2nd, in reaction to a huge volume of phone calls to the School District, Officials posted a notice concerning the September 8, 2009 Obama speech to students. As an attachment to the notice, the Officials included a .pdf form entitled “Presidential Address Permission Form.You can view the .pdf of the release form here. The form posted was taken from Douglas County School Board approved form IJA-E, the Guest Speaker Permission Form.You can see it here.

It provides for an alternative activity if a parent doesn’t want their child to hear a guest speaker or if a signed permission form is not returned to the school, i.e. an “Opt In” form. Because of this, a parent doesn’t have to do anything to stop their child from seeing the Obama Address.

Later on the very same day, DCSD Officials made the unusual decision to alter the posted, approved form and change the form language so that a parent must now print out the form, sign it and return it to the child’s school, or their child will be required to be influenced by the Obama Address. This altered form is called the ” Presidential Address Permission Form – Opt Out“. You can see the altered form here.

A thorough search of the DCSD school records as shown on the District’s web site shows that there is no “Opt Out” form adopted or approved by the Douglas County School District. Ms. Susan Meek, the Acting Director of Communication for the District declined to comment on this abrupt change of the parental consent form or to return phone calls and emails. A review of the metadata on the Opt Out form’s .pdf shows that the form was written by Ms. Stacey Neith, a Communications Specialist in Ms. Meek’s office.

If any parent is offended or would like to comment on this unusual extra-legal action by school officials, Ms. Meek may be contacted at 303-387-0030 or 720-971-9830.