It's time for some real leadership on START and 9/11.

Like it or not, the tax compromise is a done deal. So is repeal of DADT.  The two remaining issues for the lame duck session are the START treaty and the 9/11 responders medical aid bill.

On the 9/11 bill, can’t the GOP leadership offer a clean bill accomplishing the purpose? Normally, it should go through the committee process, and it will next year if a principled alternative can be offered. Please…if only to shut up those smarmy NY Congressmen and Senators.

Obviously START is way more complex and important. It is no exaggeration that a bad treaty could severely damage our security. Why not schedule hearings in January and call as witnesses all the so-called experts on both sides.  It is a constitutional duty for the Senate to really understand every line in a treaty before ratifying it? Treaties trump even  the Constitution.  The Demogogue Party should be forced to defend every word before it is voted on.