Don't abort...Just deport

In another thread, I owned up to feeling some moral qualms on my opposition to the the dream act. After reading other comments, I must thank my fellow redstaters for teaching me that the golden rule doesn’t apply to Mexican children. There is a lot wrong with the content of the dream act.  But the ferocity of the opposition and the gleeful support for deporting people who have lived their whole lives here exposes a dark side to so-called social conservatism.

When it comes to abortion, I have no doubt that the life of a preborn baby trumps the wishes of the woman carrying him or her in her womb. Even here, I do not feel any joy in the mother’s anguish. Abortion is simply immoral.

I am absolutely committed to secure borders and a strong national defense. But if we cannot prevent a 3 year old from slipping across the border, then we should think twice about deporting her 20 years later. Is the dream act flawed? You bet it is.  But I will not claim any moral high ground for sending an American in every way but birth to a strange country. I pity those who can joke about it.

I know I’m asking for a torrent of insults.