Last night, Christine O’Donnell was embarrassed when she could not name a bad Supreme court decision.

Every Republican running for any office should know the details of how Suzette Kelo and her neighbors had their property stolen by corrupt officials of New London, CT on behalf of Pfizer. It has been described as Robin Hood in reverse.

Five liberal justices, opposed by Rehnquist, Thomas, Scalia, and O’Connor (!), ratified this  brazen act of theft. The project that Pfizer was supposed to build on the stolen property was abandoned , and the land stands empty as a poke in the eye to anyone who believes in liberty.

The GOP, the Tea Party and all candidates should include this story in every publication and every speech. Nobody is safe from greedy progressives. Nobody!

Tonight, Christine O’Donnell can use this issue to bury the little bald marxist. Up in CT, Linda McMahon can link this to a corrupt Attorney General who thinks poor people have no property rights. Even the NAACP filed a brief on Suzette’s behalf.

Why can’t we get our best issues on the table?  No offense to the Socons, but people are sympathetic to perceived underdogs, like gays—and poor property owners.