Things I know now

In no particular order…

Things I knew before the 2008 elections:

1. Obama and his progressive crowd are socialists and communists. They only differ in  where they are in the authoritarian/totalitarian spectrum.

2. Progressives despise democracy, free speech, the rule of law,  and freedom except if they are killing preborn babies or keeping violent criminals and illegal immigrants from being prosecuted.

3. They favor a privileged class of self-proclaimed intellectuals to govern. Of course this elite group is not subject to the same rules as the rest of us. They consider most Americans to be unfit for self-governing.

4. The managers who are responsible for producing the goods and sevices needed by the intelligentsia are entitled to a decent living but should not expect much more than a hamburger flipper. The only well paid people should be  the intellectuals and the workers who are represented by a politically connected unions. And oh yeah, entertainers too.

Things I expected to be true but have been confirmed since the 2008 election:

5. They are intent on betraying our friends and appeasing our enemies.

6. They want to cripple our national defense.

7. Obama’s middle east policy is set by J-Street.

8. Sarah Palin is my favorite politician.

Unexpected things I have learned since the 2008 election:

9. Obama is neither intelligent nor knowledgable.

10. Obama’s appointees have been almost entirely chosen for political reasons, with little attention paid to their qualifications for the job. They are bad philosophically and also incompetent. Maybe that’s better than bad and competetent

11. The Progressives are finding it ever harder to hide their anti-semitism and anti-Christian views. Oddly, they seem unafraid of Sharia law.

12. Fair to a fault, progressives see no reason why we should have nuclear weapons but deny them to Iran or N. Korea.

13. Chris Cristie is awesome.

14 America is on the road to  bankruptcy.

I could go on, but I think that explains why I am conservative.