How angry are you, and not just at the Democrats?

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Is anyone else here sick of the way Fox News has been sliding ever closer to the msm? Last night, Geraldo could hardly contain his glee at the events transpiring. Krauthammer is considered a conservative. Yeah right. That smooth soft-spoken style he uses to assure us he and only he understands what is going on is getting old and annoying. Should we work for repeal? According to him, it would be a waste of time. I’m sick of “public” conservatives who go to all the right cocktail parties and hobnob with enemies of the Constitution. I am uncomfortable calling people out publicly like this, but it is enough already.

For all the talk here about RINOs, when the chips were all in the pot, every Republican in Congress voted with us. Poor Michael Steele gets no respect from RedState. Yet he was on the air calling for repeal and with a mission to fire Nancy Pelosi.

Let’s concentrate our fire where it belongs. Every Democratic politician is presumptively an enemy. Don’t eat with them. Don’t drink with them. Don’t tickle them in the gym.

You can see the Democrats’ strategy emerging. Oh…people will be so happy that their 25 year old slackers can remain on the family insurance policy. Can’t they now?

The one internal criticism we should take to heart is that neither our GOP leadership nor we have been able to adequately respond to the many lies told by the “progressives”. I can’t get any traction for my call to stop taking the word of the CBO. I have heard the talking point that 45,000 Americans die each year BECAUSE they have inadequate insurance. Has anyone publicly challenged this lie? I haven’t seen it My apologies to our best commentators if I missed it.,

Do you really want to save babies? I remember 40 or so years ago the impact that the “Silent Scream” had on me. I lived in Ann Arbor at the time and a pro-abortion  referendum failed. Sadly, Roe swept that away. Imagine what a creative conservative film-maker could do with avatar technology. We don’t have to only play defense.

Don’t just chide Democrats who seem to think Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs; curse them. Next time some clowns claim that only a trillion dollar bailout could have saved the world banking system, challenge them. Next time the feds violate the Constitution by unilaterally voiding legal contracts between bondholders and publicly traded companies, call it what it is: theft!.

Don’t just be skeptical about climate change. It is total crap. We need to freeze all the initiatives which prevent us from using our coal and shale resources to attain energy independence. Oh yeah…it might even help the economy. lol

Iran has been training Taliban to kill our soldiers. That, my friends, is an ACT OF WAR. As long as we tolerate that, we will never defeat the terrorists. Should we invade Iran? Of course not. A few days of shock and awe will get them to think twice about what they’re doing. And no help rebuilding should be offered.

No doubt, this rant is incomplete. Please stay angry.