A letter to Melissa Bean, Blue Dog

I just sent an email to Melissa. Probably not a good use of my time.

I was very disappointed in your vote for the health care bill.

It seems that you are just another soldier in Nancy Pelosi’s army. You care more about her opinion than your constituents’ opinions.

The irony is that this bill will likely never be implemented. It is the spark that will ignite a generation of polarization and acrimony in American politics.  Whoever ultimately wins, it will leave a hard core of bitter citizens. Not since the Civil War has the nation been so divided. It cannot end well.

No doubt you believe you did the right thing. After the inevitable court challenges and elections fought over repeal, health care will be worse than before. You will find that the CBO has underestimated the costs and over-estimated the revenues. At a time when entitlements are driving the entire free world into financial disaster, you have gambled with the future of America.

Next step: Kill the rest of the economy with an energy bill whose only purpose is to line the pockets of traders allied with your party. Betray Israel. Betray all our allies. Appease Iran. Mortgage our future to China.

And all you will have to show for it will be the satisfaction that you did Nancy’s bidding, and Rahm’s. I beg you to wake up.