When it comes to the health care debate no lie is too brazen.

The CBO is either venal or incompetent, maybe both. There is no conceivable way to cover more people, improve care for everybody, train more doctors and save money, all at the same time. Haven’t these clowns ever heard of the law of supply and demand? Every failed socialist/communist regime learned that lesson the hard way. Citizens will learn that lesson the hard way when their cancer is being treated by a nurse practitioner and grandma is denied an angioplasty.

Even without the health care bill the ten year deficit will be two to three times higher than the CBO projects.Their math wouldn’t stand up in a decent undergraduate stat. course.

Too bad the average journalist hates math and loves to trust self-proclaimed experts. No problem. They are really good at ferreting out sexual misconduct between consenting adults. And even better at whiny moralizing. Too bad we can’t at least get the spouse-cheating journalists to shut up.

And maybe even require a little math and science education for them too.