The Great Reconciliation Scam

The Democrats may be immoral and corrupt, but they are not stupid. Here is their REAL PLAN.

1. House passes Senate bill with no changes, after promising Stupak and others that the Senate will use reconciliation to fix it, IF NECESSARY.

2. The bill goes to a conference committee, where some “minor corrections” are recommended.

3. They go to the Senate floor with an amendment to the bill to ban public funding of abortion.

4. The trap is set. A somber Democratic leadership apologizes for trying to use reconciliation and puts it up to the Senate in the usual way.

5. Case 1: Republicans filibuster the changes and the bill goes to the White House with public funding for abortion alive and well. Republicans are skewered by the left for their hypocrisy in VOTING FOR abortion.

Case 2: Republicans decide they can’t in good conscience permit case 1, and vote unanimously to block the funding of abortions. The bill goes to the White House without public funding for abortion.

Am I being paranoid? Do we have a counter strategy?