IMAB + QALY = Death Panel


I am probably too upset to write coherently on this topic. I apologize in advance. I will try to include all the relevant facts and an anecdote or two.

I’m betting the lame street media have never told you about QALYs and IMAB. If Fox news has, I must have missed it. Maybe they should spend less time interviewing stupid “experts” on Tiger Woods and sex addiction. (Full disclosure: I was addicted to the dream of it as a teenager).

A QALY is a “quality adjusted life year”. It is a mathematical measure (model) of life expectancy adjusted by an expert’s opinion on how good one’s life is likely to be and for how long.


The pure mathematics behind the QALY is weak; the applied math is nonexistent. The people who developed it are a disgrace to their profession and immoral to boot. Rahm and Zeke Emmanuel love it; Peter Singer worships it. He especially likes to apply it to young children before and after birth.

IMAB stands for “Independent Medical Advisory Board”. Nancy Pelosi (censored crude sexual reference) on it. The lame streeters never heard of it. Democratic talking points never mention it. Republican talking points never mention it. Erick has pointed it out several times here, getting few comments. So have I.



IMAB is established in the health bill. Though I don’t completely understand how, it is out of order to ever bring it up again in Congress if the bill passes.

IMAB will use QALYS and other ethically challenged criteria to determine who gets what care.

IMAB with QALY looks like a death panel, sounds like a death panel, walks like a death panel, and functions like a death panel. But Democratic Congressmen and left wing pundits assure us there are no death panels in the bill. Keith Olbermann uses his dying father as a prop to assure us that there is a life panel in the bill. We are fascists even to question it. He is referring to a harmless provision that doctors can be paid for optional end of life counseling. He claims that’s what we are referring to. But that is a cynical lie. As conservatives the last thing we would do is to discourage consultations with doctors, clergy, and families on these private matters. What we object to is turning the decision over to an unelected panel of political hacks whose decisions cannot be appealed.

This morning on Fox and Friends, the usually sharp Steve Ducey fawned over that weasel Anthony Weiner who swore that there are no death panels in the bill, and whoever says so is a liar. Don’t the Fox producers do any preparation? And Fox is by far the best.

Maybe Beck or Limbaugh has raised it. If so, I missed it.

We can’t just blame Fox. Correct me if I am wrong, but even our best GOP leaders, people like Cantor, Ryan, McCotter and Bachman, have failed to make this a central issue.

It is not too late. If the staffs of any GOP Congressmen or other leaders or commentators read this, please do something.